If you are a photographer whose image I have used here and do not wish to grant me permission to reproduce your work, please let me know (Twitter: @oystersearrings) and I will remove it. Thanks!

写真家さん、ここにイメージが写すことが許可しなければ聞いて下さって私は大至急除きます (ツイターの @oystersearrings です)。ありがとうございます!

The view from the Joshi Pro Rabbit Hole

In August 2019 I stopped keeping spreadsheets and star ratings for all the wrestling I was watching and started writing longer-form reviews instead. Collected here are the developing results of that experiment, featuring thoughts and feelings on matches from across the landscape of Japanese pro wrestling and beyond - from AJW to Shinsyu Pro, Schadenfreude & Friends to SEAdLINNNG

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Writing about wrestling, and writing about writing about wrestling


Writing about wrestling, and writing about writing about wrestling
George Twigg is a writer, podcaster, quizzer, trade unionist and Great Britain mahjong international, born in Lincolnshire and resident in Leeds. He is the author of the novel The Rise and Fall of Rikidozan and one third of the Puro Pourri Podcast.
I quite like wrestling.
Space Time Empress Penguin from the Antarctic.